What AEON Does


All AEON Engineering processes and operations are governed by a solid systems engineering framework. We understand how complex projects require a close collaboration between technical and managerial stakeholders, and AEON specialises in application of systems engineering practices in non-native industry sectors.

At AEON, we use our expertise of the systems engineering discipline to ensure the Product meets the functional requirements and stakeholder expectations, without schedule overrun, capital overspend or any reduction in Product capability or function.

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Good project managers are diverse, multi-disciplined individuals with a strong knowledge of the project requirements, constraints and deadlines. They should also have a wholesome understanding of the stakeholders' expectations. Great project managers have awareness of constraint flexibility, and can turn an area of weakest into strength.

At AEON, we make it our purpose to fully understand the parameters within any given project; to fully appreciate, and make best use of, our teams expertise and capabilities, with early anticipation and mitigation of schedule and cost risks.  

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Any product development phase can be a difficult and costly to manage, especially in R&D environments where developers are always battling to maximise product performance, form factor and manufacturability. 

Whether looking to redevelop existing products, or as part of development of new product lines, AEON has the capability and experience to turn innovation into successful, functional and cost-effective products. With on-site design and manufacturing engineers, AEON is the one-stop-shop for the formalisation, development, manufacture, verification, prototyping of your idea.

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