AEON Mechanical Division

Hardware Design

Mechanical and Thermal Design:

  • CAD Models, Drawing and CAM Files
  • Functional Block Diagrams, Schematics and Performance Models
  • Engineering Drawings and Assemblies to BS 8888 and ISO Standards
  • Prototype, Engineering and Qualification Model Optimisation
  • VR Fly-throughs

Modelling & Analysis

Finite Element Modelling (FEM) including:

  • Mechanical: Static and Dynamic
  • Mechanical: Random Vibration
  • Thermal: Steady-State and Dynamic
  • Sensitivity Studies and Optimisation

Materials Technology

Materials Technology / Materials Innovation including:

  • Subtractive Manufacture (most steel and aluminium alloys)
  • Additive Manufacture (polymers and some metals)
  • Ceramics (including Macor, and Alumina Ceramics)
  • Cellular Materials (including MetFoams and metamaterials)
  • Composites (including GRP, Carbon Fibre, Sandwhich Panels)

Assembly, Integration & Verification

AIV and Qualification including:

  • Metrology, Assembly and Integration
  • Mechanical/Thermal Testing
  • Verification Activities
  • Bench Testing
  • Functional Qualification