One enabling technology, a world of applications.

MASER devices (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) generate electromagnetic waves through amplification by stimulated emission. Notionally, a MASER device operates similarly to that of a LASER, however MASERs generate lower frequency coherent radiation, which is not within the visible spectrum.

MASERs have a host of applications, although stability, accuracy and precision of outputs is closely related to operating conditions. AEON has developed the world's first MASER Emulator, which allows engineers to characterise a MASERs performance with respect to its deployed environment therefore bridging the gap between technology development and utilisation.

Medical Applications:

  • Increased resolution of scanning technologies, permitting identification of micro-fractures, micro-tumours, and sub-millimetre anomalies
  • Increased laboratory efficiency as fewer, and smaller samples are required
  • Potential suitability to retrofit, lessening capital expense

Defence / Security Applications:

  • Increased resolution/detection for use in:
    • Personnel scanners
    • Haulage and goods scanners
    • IED detection and militarised targeting technology
  • High speed, synchronous communication systems
  • High-altitude personnel and ground-segment monitoring
  • Air-segment observation and detection 

Automotive Applications:

  • Increased GPS sensitivity, performance and location services
  • Integrated communications for realisation of autonomous vehicle systems
  • Increased sensor and compute times to prevent loss of life
  • Heightened control system synchronicity
  • Increased pedestrian and road-user safety

Scientific Applications:

  • Time laboratories and time standards
  • Celestial mechanics, including Pulsars, Earth Rotation, Gravity and Magnetism
  • Earth rotation study
  • Geotechnics, seismology and meteorological studies
  • Particle physics, materials engineering and medical sensing