Who are AEON?

Rob Gabrielczyk - Managing Director

Rob has worked in the commercial aerospace, scientific and and civil sectors for over a decade. Rob's formal education is in that of Materials Engineering and has applied his knowledge of manufacturing, materials, modes of failure and testing to developing innovative solutions for a wide range of clients.

Rob has worked on projects within industrial and defence sectors, as well as R&D institutions such as CERN, STFC, ESA, ESO. His knowledge of system engineering spans across all of these sectors.

Rob has a keen interest in the application of systems science and "systems thinking" to complex and innovative engineering projects. 

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Kimberley Walley - Commercial Director

Kimberley has worked in large-scale, interdisciplinary operations across civil and commercial sectors for the past 10 years. Specialising in business growth, acquisitions, operational/project management, and contracts.

Kimberley provides the commercial governance across AEON, and has particular skill in identifying cross-market opportunities for our clients. Kimberley specialises in the implementation of corrective actions (often accompanied with strategic advice and change management) where client projects require intervention to ensure success -be it due to schedule slip, cost overrun, or resourcing issues. Kimberley maintains a grounded perspective and cares that our clients' projects are successful.

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